K-Food Fair 2019 Paris
Paris Marriott Rive gauche
14 JUNE 2019
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Namdo Food

Food Manufacturing, OEM, Online Distribution, Trade, Franchise

Namdofood is a company focusing on convenient Korean meals.
We are manufacturing Korean local gourmet foods regarded as difficult to cook before into handy convenient meals.
With over over 27 years of experience in the fancy Korean full course restaurant business, our CEO started Namdofood factory in 2016 to make simple yet still healthy and tasty Korean local processed foods.

Our business area is manufacturing, running our own restaurants, franchising, and distributing online and offline in Korea.
We have 2 brands, 'chanfood' and 'illo boook'.

Established Year 2016
Nb Employeess 8
Main Exporting Countries USA, Hong Kong, Singapore
Target Countries France, Germany, UK
Certificate HACCP