K-Food Fair 2019 Paris
Paris Marriott Rive gauche
14 JUNE 2019



Our juices have high fruit ratio (80%), are no coloring, no acidulant and no artificial sweetener. Our company is the only one to do so in the world.


We have endeavored to develop eco-friendly products for many years using raw ingredients. We do our best to deliver quality and reliable products to our customers.


Evergood Corporation was established in 1987 and is a trading company specialized in agricultural products. Our corporate name was changed from Jungan Nongsan Co., Ltd to Evergood Corporation in 2009. We are trading with more than 20 countries including Vietnam, Indonesia, and North America. Our maj


FoodBerry Co.,Ltd started in 2004 with the motto of "Korean food with a long history and tradition for the world". We export Korean food like kimchi, rice cakes, noodles (fresh and frozen), hot pepper paste, natural Korean food (black garlic, yuzu etc.) to over 15 countries. We are currently exte

Geumsan Ginseng Cooperative

Geumsan Ginseng has been approved by the city of Geumsan for the use of the ginseng products produced in Geumsan, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea - the origin of Korean ginseng - and has strict facility and quality control standards. As the city of Geumsan certifies its quality, consumers can purchase the

Han's Korea

CookSi is the brand of Han's Korea, expert leader in Instant Rice Noodle. Preservative and cholesterol free, CookSi Rice Noodle cup offers a fast and easy way to enjoy a meal in 3 minutes. Exist Sealing type / Cap type / packet type cover. Ideal for convenience stores, concession stands and mo


We own our own mushroom farm in an agricultural location. As a Global GAP certified company, our products are traceable and have no pesticides. We ensure a high level of safety while supplying the best mushrooms for human health.

Hansung Food

Since 1986, Hansung Food Co.,ltd, specialist of Kimchi, has put all efforts to obtain high quality products from their own farm. Mrs. Kim Soon-Ja, president & CEO, was appointed as "The No.1 Kimchi Master" by the Korean Government in 2007. Wide range of Kimchi products available : cabbage, young


Based on Korean traditional medicine, Ido produces healthy and delicious tea by fermenting traditional oriental herbs, optimized for modern people. Unlike western herbs, oriental herbs are developed mainly according to their function rather than their aroma. IDO's fermentation technology is unique:

Joy Natural

Joy Natural has produced top quality black garlic for ethnic food lovers and health-conscious consumers worldwide since 2007.  We use only fresh garlic grown in Namhae Island, in the far south of the Korean Peninsula which is well known for its sunny and radiant oceanic climate with year-round ocea

Munkyeong Omija Valley

Munkyeong Omija Valley insists on producing high-end Omija products with value and respect towards nature, human well-being, and eco- friendly farming. We guarantee safely produced and best quality omija with selected local farmers, who produce omija as a fresh raw ingredient. We are striving to

Namdo Food

Namdofood is a company focusing on convenient Korean meals. We are manufacturing Korean local gourmet foods regarded as difficult to cook before into handy convenient meals. With over over 27 years of experience in the fancy Korean full course restaurant business, our CEO started Namdofood facto

Nature Farm

Nature Farm is a company that specializes in dry dessert based on dried persimmons. We produce high quality and hygienic products. We will make every effort to honestly and reliably produce dried dessert products together with the local farmers.

Organic Vegan

Organic Vegan Corp was established in 2010 as an Agriculture Corporation. We are also certified as a social enterprise in Korea in 2014 and designated as a Slow Food Spot in 2015. Deul Haneul ( means Field and Sky in Korean ) is the brand of Organic Vegan Corp. ,that covers a range of healthil


ORIENTAL F&B is a food trader which mainly exports Korean foods to Western European countries. We target mainstream markets in Europe. We have already successfully launched in ICA, Coop in Sweden, Sainsbury's in the U.K, Coop & Migros in Switzerland etc.


Our natural crisps are now a well-known and well-loved representative of Korean snacks. You can feel the deep sweet taste and crispy texture. It is good to eat with tea, alcoholic drinks... Bugak, the special recipe preserving fresh taste and nutritions, has actualized the wisdom of Korean ances

STX corp.

Organic Korean Plum, MÉSHIL You can enjoy our Organic Juice Therapy ! * Korean traditional organic brand launched in France in 2018 * Méshil is a Korean prune only known in Korea, China, Japan. * Fermented for over 40 months with Korean traditional methods * Méshil Extract is a substit

Tomato Atelier

We offer red pepper paste and specially seasoned soy sauce made with low sodium tomatoes, which were harvested directly from farms. ● Atelier: like an artist's studio we create works of art with tomatoes as our main ingredient ● Farm: 'Tomatoes eat tomatoes.' Tomatoes which are fermented for a


TRUE CORPORATION CO., LTD. makes unique food items for kids in South Korea. We also hold the legal patent of some famous kids favorite characters like Pororo, Spoonz, Sweet Monster. We have been exporting our food items in South-East Asia, China, Australia, China, Europe and more.


As a leading food manufacturer and exporter, Woomtree Corporation produces tempura powder, panko, fresh wasabi paste, wasabi powder, Korean BBQ marinade, spices, Korean hot pepper paste. We now export to about 40 countries all over the world.

Young Poong

Since its establishment in 1993, Young Poong has made Korean traditional food such as Topokki (Korean rice pasta), Korean Pancake (Korean pizza), and Tteokguk (rice cake soup). Currently, we are exporting to about 50 countries including Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA, and the UK, etc.

Young Shin Food

Young Shin Food Co is a food processing & exporting company in South Korea providing a high quality of agricultural & seafood products. With our 30 years of experience and expertise, we have launched the brand “Sea Friend,” a product line of roasted seaweed and seasoned seaweed (laver) in Korean