K-Food Fair 2019 Paris
Paris Marriott Rive gauche
14 JUNE 2019

Red & Hot, the spice of Korean cuisine


It’s a fact, Korean food is spicy, and it is becoming a pop phenomenon through the number of 'mukbangs', the live eating broadcasts hailing from Korea and now done by famous Youtubers across the world.  

Here are three iconic red and hot foods that best represent Korea and that you will be able to test at K-Food Fair

Kimchi, the classic



Kimchi is the Korean staple dish and is thousands of years old. This spicy fermented cabbage is made with red peppers and lacto-fermented vegetables. 



Tteok-bokki is a well-loved Korean street food that is eaten as a snack by Koreans. It is made of cylinder-shaped rice cakes and is generously seasoned with gochujang sauce for a maximum spicy effect!

Gochujang sauce


The spicy accent of Korean cuisine, Gochujang sauce is used on many very famous dishes. Have you ever seen pictures of traditional Korean jars? They are used- among other things-  to help the fermentation of Gochujang. Also, you might want to look at Gochujang Hot taste Unit (GHO), which measures the level of spiciness in gochujang: from mild hot to extreme hot, there is a suitable taste for you. 

Have a look at our exhibitors offering red & hot products: 

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