K-Food Fair 2019 Paris
Paris Marriott Rive gauche
14 JUNE 2019

Korean Sake

Japan is famous for sake, but Korea also produces excellent sake. Korean sake has higher acidity tha


Liqueur de Mango, Banana, Pineapple, Grapefruit, Apple & Pear (80% juice ratio)

Liqueur of Shaved Ice for Adult

High ratio fruit juice (77%), no coloring, no acidulant and no artificial sweetener. Alc 12%

Maesil Beverage

100% Organic fermented juice based with Meshil extract Using 13% of Méshil extract fermented for ov

Maesil Extract

100% pure organic fermented Méshil extract derived from Korean prune (meshil fruit) Used for sugar

MK Valley Chia Seed Drink

Chia Seed & Pineapple / Chia Seed & Mango Chia is an annual herb, with seeds around 1mm high and

Munkyeong Well-made series

Premium Omija beverage with no added artificial color, artificial flavor or sugar. It is served in a

OMI Everyday Gift Set

Premium healthy Omija tea extract blending series that fit your taste. These series contain a rich

OMI Premium Series

No sugar, no artificial color, and no artificial flavor were added in these beverages.  There are 3

Omija Redcho

Omija Redcho is a naturally fermented drink for an active lifestyle. It is a premium vinegar water c

Yuzu juice & Yuzu paste

Unique Korean Yuzu juice, Ambient foods

Black Oyster Mushroom / Matari

The black oyster mushroom is named after its oyster-like taste. It helps lowering cholesterol

Dried Persimmon Slice

A persimmon cut into three or four pieces and dried. They become mini-dried-persimmons with a mois

Easy Dried Namul - Aster Leaves / Raddish Leaves

Namul refers to either a variety of edible leaves or seasoned dishes made out of them. It is an auth

Easy Dried Namul Spread - Aster Leaves / Raddish Leaves

This is a vegetarian spread made with Korean herbs to be enjoyed as a spread on bread or to cook a u

Enoki Mushroom / paeng i

Diet food with low calory and rich cellulose and moisture. Good for making soup and for many kinds

Eryngii Mushroom / Sae Songi

Good-shaped mushroom, highly recommended as well-being food, rich with vitamin C, has a chewy textur

Korean Mushroom

Korean Mushroom has a chewy texture, is fresh-tasting and succulent.

Korean Pear

Korean premium pears are crisp with a sweet, floral flavor, low acidity, and a fragrant aroma.

Korean Shine Muscat

Korean grape is soft with a transparent texture, aromatic fragrance, tastes sweet and fresh, and is

Korean Strawberry

Korean strawberries are consistently the best, sweet with great fragrances.

Korean whole, peeled black garlic

100% Korean whole, peeled black garlic

Peeled Black Garlic

Meticulously fermented, the extra air-dried Peeled Black Garlic by Joy Natural's patented fermenting

Semi-dried Persimmon

Partially peeled and dried persimmons. Its surface is dried but its inside is soft with high moistu

Shimeji Mushroom / Mangadak

Diet food with low calory, moisture, and rich cellulose, which prevents hardening of the arteries

Song ryngii Mushrom / Song go

A breed of shiitake mushroom which maximizes the flavor of pine mushrooms and has a chewy texture. B

Unpeeled Black Garlic

Meticulously fermented, the cool air-dried unpeeled Black Garlic by Joy Natural's patented fermentin

ENERGIN Korean Red Ginseng Extract Stick

Net Weight: 300ml (10ml x 30 Pouch) Ingredients and contents: purified water, 6-years Korean red gi

ENERGIN Red Ginseng Gon Mild

Net weight: 750ml (25ml x 30 Pouch) Ingredients and contents: Korean red ginseng extract, honey, ap

Geumbaek Ginseng-Nex

Freeze Dried Sliced Ginseng Net Weight: 15g Ingredients and Contents: Korean ginseng 100% Suggest

Geumbaek Korean Ginseng Candy

Net weight: 100g Ingredients and contents: refined sugar, starch syrup, L-menthol, ginseng powder,

Geumbaek Korean Red Ginseng Extract

Net Weight: 30g Ingredients and Contents: 6-year Korean red ginseng extract 100% Suggested Use : T

Foodberry Kimchi

Korean Kimchi made with Korean cabbage Different sizes available 50g, 280g, 1kg

Hansung Cabbage Kimchi

Kimchi made with Baechu ( whole cabbage), one of the most popular type of Kimchi in Korea. Served

Hansung Mustard Kimchi

Kimchi made with Mustard Leaves -Ingredients : Mustard leaf, powdered red pepper, leek, garlic,

Hansung Sliced Caggage Kimchi

Kimchi made with Baechu ( Korean cabbage) and sliced for easy eating. One of the most popular type

Hansung White Kimchi

Made with cabbage and other vegetables, without hot peppers. Not too salty or spicy. Vegan style

Hansung Young Radish Kimchi

Kimchi made with young radish -ingredients : Young radish, powdered red pepper, leek, garlic, gin

Kimchi in Jar 215g

Korean traditional Kimchi, Long shelf life

Cut wakame

We only use carefully selected seaweed from clean seawater. The packaged dried seaweed that has be

Roasted Seaweed (Yaki sushi nori)

Our Roasted seaweed (laver) is roasted at 250℃. It comes in whole and half sizes for Kimbab and Te

Seasoned laver

Original, olive, wasabi flavor and USDA Organic Seasoned Seaweed We use fresh and high-quality seaw

CookSi Rice Noodle with Hot & Spicy flavored soup

Spicy rice noodle with plenty of solid ingredients ( sea mustard, laver, onion and spring onion )

CookSi Rice Noodle with Kimchi flavored soup

Rice noodle with the refreshing and spicy taste of Korean traditional kimchi. Brings the sense of

CookSi Rice Noodle with non-spicy seafood flavored soup

Non- spicy noodle with uniquely refreshing and clean taste created by using good quality seafood fro

CookSi Rice Noodle with spicy seafood flavored soup

Hot and spicy rice noodle with the taste of chaomamian soup, a favorite of people of all ages, har

Easy Broccoli Jabchae - Original / Spicy

Just heat it up in the microwave, then you will have a really simple, delicious, and healthy japchae

Matamun Kimchi Tteokguk

Tteokguk is a rice cake with soup and Korea's well-known holiday’s food. It is composed of sliced

5-minute Korean pizza

There are three Korean pancakes flavors: vegetable, seafood, and kimchi. We mix fresh and healthy

Black Garlic Extracted Tea

A liquid form of Joy Natural's Black Garlic is extracted from fermented black garlic in an extractin

Black garlic powder and paste

Black garlic powder and paste

Pororo Tteok-bokki hot & spicy

1. Popular Korean food made from small-sized rice cake & hot & spicy powdered sauce. 2. So good fo


YOPOKKI is a famous brand of Korean rice pasta. It consists of 7 flavors: Sweet&Spicy, Cheese, Hot&S

Birch Chaga Mushroom Powder

Chaga Mushroom is an active compound and has been known as the 'medical king of herbs'. In Russia, J

Black Garlic Powder

A powder form of Joy Natural's Black Garlic is made from fermented black garlic with a freeze-drying

Black Pepper Sauce

A product suitable with beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and other meats. The taste is very sweet and a li

Fresh Wasabi Paste

This product not only has the unique tangy taste of wasabi but also makes you feel fresh with its fr

Fresh Wasabi Paste for Meat

A product suitable with beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and other meats. The ingredients are 1st-grade wa

Korean Traditional sauce & paste

Various Korean sauces and seasonings

Organic Rice Syrup

This syrup or vegan honey is made with organic rice and malt powder of sprouted organic rice and bar

Original Gochujang

A healthy hot pepper paste fermented the traditional way without any chemical preservatives, dye, or

Tomato fermented vinegar

Fermented with tomato pulp, raw sugar, probiotics, and rice yeast, it has a deep flavor. - Water

Tomato red pepper paste

A spicy umami tasted sauce that blends tomatoes with various eastern and western foods. When you ne

Tomato soysauce

An all-purpose sauce that adds flavor to the food. It is low-salt soy sauce that combines tomatoes

Wasabi Powder

This product is made with high quality wasabi powder. This premium product preserves the taste and f

Frozen Strawberry

A frozen strawberry without any quality change.

Ice Persimmon

A quick frozen and peeled persimmon with a soft texture. It is natural ice cream.

Organic Brown Rice Gangjeong

Organic Brown Rice Snack (Sweet Puff) -This vegan puffed snack is made of the organic brown rice, w

Organic Brown Rice Snack

Organic Brown Rice Snack (Non-sweet Puff) -This vegan puffed snack is made of the organic brown ric

Seaweed salad mix & Seaweed chips

Korean seaweed crisp snack

Skybio Lotus root Crisps 30g

-Skybio's Bugak made by Oh Hee Sook, Korean food grand master, is the only recognized producer of au

Skybio Sea tangle Crisps 30g

-Skybio's Bugak made by Oh Hee Sook, Korean food grand master, is the only recognized producer of au

Skybio Seaweed Laver Crisps 30g

-Skybio's Bugak made by Oh Hee Sook, Korean food grand master, is the only recognized producer of au

Spoonz fish sausage

1. Good HMR snacks (Home Meal Replacement) for kids, salary people. 2. Easy, Nutritious fish sausa

Spoonz roasted sweet potato snack

1. 100% roasted sweet potato 2. Good HMR snacks for kids, working people. 3. A diet snack

Spoonz steamed sweet potato snack

1. 100% steamed sweet potato 2. Good HMR snacks for kids, working people. 3. A diet snack

Sweet Monster Cotton candy

1. Using 50 degree heat, and high humidity-resisting cup 2. Hygienic vacuum packaging for long-ter

Toasted & Seasoned seaweed

A snack made of small chunks of roasted and seasoned seaweed. It is both salty and crispy, making

Breathing Tea (Infusion Brise légère)

Balloon Flower Root 60% (Korea), Lonicera Flower 40% (China) Soothe your respiratory discom

FoodBerry Yuzu Jam

Korean premium yuzu jam to make delicious Yuzu tea. Different sizes available 300g, 580g, 1kg

Good Night Tea (Infusion des étoiles )

Red salvia root 40% (Korea), bamboo leaves from Jeju (Sasa quelpaertensis) 30% (Korea), sacred lotus

Honey Aloe Tea

Digestive help, treats skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne, sunburn relief, wound healing, lo

Honey Citron Tea

Wards off the common cold, improves exercise recovery, may reduce your risk of cancer.

Honey Ginger Tea

Helps relieve nausea, improve stomach performance, reduce inflammation, fight respiratory problems

Honey Jujube Tea

Antioxidant activity, treatment for constipation, helps with anxiety and insomnia.

Honey Lemon Tea

Good for skin care, weight loss, immune system prevents cancer, heart conditions, diabetes.

Infusion Matin Calme

Ballon flower roots 40% (Korea), Lady Bell root (Adenophora triphylla var. japonica) 30% (Korea), Sa

Infusion Minceur Sucrée

Satsuma tangerine peel 60% (Korea, organic), Lonicera flower 40% (China) This blend has been pate

Light Tea (Infusion des eaux vives)

Satsuma tangerine peel 60% (Jeju, Korea, organic), lotus leaves 40% (Korea, organic) This IDO blend

Willowy Tea (Infusion Elégance)

Jeju bamboo leaves (Sasa Quelpaertensis) 40% (Korea), white mulberry leaf 30% (Korea, organic), sacr